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Digi Logic UK | 100 Wild Plants Fermented With Living Enzymes Liquid Meal
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100 Wild Plants Fermented With Living Enzymes Liquid Meal

pine oil

17 Jan 100 Wild Plants Fermented With Living Enzymes Liquid Meal

Wild fermented plants have a lot of function for healthy. We may not know about it because we believe too many chemical products. Too many chemical compounds in our body are not good. It is time to change to the natural product.

About the product

The 100 Wild Fermented Plant Enzymes is from the Yellow emperor dynasty of 1600 B.C. It has been passed down for a generation. It is also the highest botanical quality. It contains inulin which is prebiotic found in common plants. It is made from flowers, fruit, roots, leaves, stems, seeds, and pine needles. Then, there are no additional chemicals, water, colors, or preservatives.

This product is the nutrient dense and living good friendly bacteria for healthy flora. It is made from a wide range of wild plants and fruit with broad spectrums health properties. It is the only full amino acid chain that comes from self-grown plants and trees.pine

The function of this product

This product is good to optimize the function of the digestion. Besides that, it contains 1,000’s phytonutrients. For cleanse and purify the blood, it is very good. For the one who want to lose weight, it can help to break down fats. At the same time, it can shed excess weight. For people who have mental issues, it can help for the treatment because it can enhance mental capacity and decrease anxiety and nervousness. Another function of this product is for cleaning the cellular stress from pollution. It also can help the cellular rejuvenation to be normal again. It is good for health because it can help balance cholesterol. For facial skin, it can be the anti-aging. For the general health of the body, it can be the booster for immunity. Generally, it is healthy for physical and mental.

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