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Digi Logic UK | 3 Basic Tips How to Protect Your Sites from Hackers
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3 Basic Tips How to Protect Your Sites from Hackers


19 Jan 3 Basic Tips How to Protect Your Sites from Hackers

Having a website is indeed a must for those who want to lead a business with ease. But the ease and flexibility came from having a site also provides many opportunities for bad people for fun to give us a sense of fear. This bad internet person called hackers. They spread terror on our site through their attacks starting from data loss to website inaccessible. We have to do some idea for your website to prevent any hackers attack. Here are some basic tips to prevent hackers:

  • Improve control access for admin on our website is an easy way to prevent hackers attack. Create a user name and password that is not easy to guess. Limit the amount of login in a certain time. Reset password regularly because email account can be hacked as well. Never send login details by email, because an unauthorized user could gain access to the support
  • One of the securities features most commonly and widely used by the website is SSL or also called Secure Socket Layer. You can use encrypted SSL protocol to transfer user’s personal information between the website and your database. This will help to prevent any information being hacked and accessed without proper authority on its way. So it would be difficult for a hacker to get into the website.
  • Create Backup regularly. To prevent hacker attacks, it is better if we create backups on a regular basis, either it is daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Each time the user saves the file will automatically return to the previous page. Backup once a day allowing us to lose the data that day, especially when your hard drive fails.

Three basic tips above is important to be done if you want your site secure. But if you do not really understand IT stuff, I suggest you hire an IT Support Mansfield like Chameleon Support ( to help you secure your sites.


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