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Digi Logic UK | 4 Customizations You Can Do to Your Family Tree
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4 Customizations You Can Do to Your Family Tree

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26 Jan 4 Customizations You Can Do to Your Family Tree

Paintings and photographs are not the only things you can put in your living room. I do not know whether you have thought about it but placing family-oriented artwork is also a good idea for example a framed family tree. You are going to have a big tree with the name of your family members on it and if you love it, you can write something on the ribbon, say the family name.

The good thing is you do not do the design and everything by yourself as what you need to do is ordering it in Twenty Fingers. While the best thing is you can have your custom family tree in which you are able to make these four customizations in the order:

Selecting the size

The size of the artwork depends on how many names you are going to write in there. You can customize family tree whether you will have up to six, nine or even 25 names on the tree. What does it mean? You have the freedom to address the name as many family members as you want.

Supplying the name

While you order the family tree, you can supply Twenty Fingers with the names you want to include in the tree. When you access the website, you will see some columns where you type the names. It’s up to how many columns you want to fill in, but the first one is required.

Giving the text on the ribbon

It is not a must actually. If you want to add a text in the ribbon, you can do it. However, if you prefer not to, just let it blank. Both are equally nice.

Choosing the frame color

The first point, the frame is handmade thus it must be uniquely beautiful. The second point is you can choose the color of the frame based on your preference. The artwork is all about your family, you decide everything yourself.


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