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Author: Kevin Lee


06 Feb Connecting In Public

Have you ever wondered about the public Wi-Fi that charged you for usage? Don’t you wonder how they could tell how long you’ve been there? It might make some sense if you’re in a café that charges you for their internet since they sure have...

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web development

06 Feb Web Design Power

When you have a business, your website will be your virtual shop. Just like other shops, you certainly want to decorate and adorn it to make it look appealing, attractive, and catchy. Interesting layout and encouraging words are very crucial since they are the key...

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ready for massage

05 Feb Facts about Couple Retreat

Marriage life can be boring – especially if you have done nothing to keep the sparks alive. A lot of couples have taken their marriage for granted; they forget about intimacy and each others’ feeling. They forget that love is like a flower; you need...

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