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About Live in Care System

About This Project

You are probably wondering about the difference of living in care and care homes. They both share similarities of caring services for the elderly. The main difference is that care homes are taken place in a certain facilities and premises of the provider while the live-in care take places in the personal house of the clients.


The Basic Function

You know when you have an elderly mother or father, and they suffer from a certain condition, you generally think about putting them in a caring home. Such caring home is also available for elderly people who don’t have any certain condition, but they feel more convenient staying in the premise of the service provider. They don’t have to worry about the house and its household bills, or such thing alike.

However, not all elderly have the same ideas. Some of them may not want to leave their homes, despite their medical condition. In such situation, the live-in care service is mostly handy and useful because the live in carer (the person responsible for taking care of the elderly) can stay with the elderly in the house and takes care of everything.

24 hour care at home

The Deal with the Service

Most people think that this kind of service is more expensive than staying in caring home, but in reality, the cost is just the same. However, most people like the idea that they can get personalized assistance and help within the comfort of their own house. For some elderly people, leaving the house can be traumatizing – certainly not the kind of experience you want for your elderly parents.


It is common for some provider to even offer special rates or prices for couples. Although the life in caring service is mostly available for single person, having couples is basically possible. Whether you need a single carer or two people, it depends on the types of arrangements and the needs of the clients themselves. For all other options you should read more.


10 January