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Digi Logic UK | Find your CIBIL consumer login for free
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Find your CIBIL consumer login for free

About This Project

Are you planning on having a long vacation this week with your family? Well, you are going to have to support them with more money and spending. While this seems impossible, you can always get the money by taking a loan at the banks. If you need to go to the bank and get some loan, they will check every financial record that you have. And that record is usually known as your CIBIL score. Before you go to the bank, it is better for you to check it yourself. You can check your CIBIL score by going to this site called the Free Score India.

What they do

Free Score India is not just your average credit checking service provider. They actually provide all of their credit checking services for free. Therefore, you can avoid losing money just to check your credit score. By going to their website, you will find this button which will allow you to check your credit score. Once you clicked it, it will lead you to another page where you have to provide all details about you. They will review the details and soon you will be able to get the CIBIL consumer login for free.

credit score

What else?

You can do so many things other than the credit score checking itself. First, you can seek advice regarding credit score itself. You can find out how to make your credit score better so that the banks are willing to take your proposition. You can also learn about credit score report in general. You will be able to read your own credit score report by learning more in their site. You can even learn the basic of credit score itself. All of these credit score services are available if you visit their online website which is at


January 12, 2016