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Medication Training

About This Project

Medication has a direct relationship with other people life. The patient must receive the medication in the safe and precise method. For people who had a job as care workers, medication training is very necessary. The care workers in the medical agency must complete the medication training for the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Why They Need the Course?

Any professional care workers are required to take medication training course. Care workers are the one who have medication trainingthe responsibility of storing, receiving, administering, and disposing of the medicine.

With the good medication administration, the patient medicine can be managed flawlessly. Medication can lead to a fatal problem both for the patient and agency. Therefore, medication administration must be done without any problem. Medication can cure the symptoms and extend the patient’s life if it used properly.

Care workers don’t only responsible with delivering the medicine. They are also respecting the patients’ choice. Despite that, care workers are also required to give advice for the patients about the medicine.

For a better training course, face to face training is more effective than e-learning or DVD. It will create a real simulation of the real world. They are supposed to carry their job confidently without any problems in the future.

The instructor must be the expert and professional in this field. Medication is the heart in the medical world. The participants must learn from the expert to have a better understanding about the medication administration. The theoretical and practical session is included in the course. Building deep knowledge about medication training is not enough. In addition, the participant needs to practice to enhance the skill and ability.

The course itself takes three up to six hours if everything goes well. The aim is to make the participants more familiar with their field. So, they can work with confident in the future.

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20 January