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Digi Logic UK | Pentagon Headsets: Heavy Duty Headsets for Professional Purposes
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Pentagon Headsets: Heavy Duty Headsets for Professional Purposes

About This Project

Communication between team members during a job is a vital aspect that cannot be underestimated. In occupations that often face dire situations like security forces, hospitality service, and law enforcement especially, the success of the task depends on telecommunication. Sometimes, however, technical issues happen because of the audio equipment that are used. This obviously affects negatively to the professionalism of the team and botches the entire plan. To avoid this accidental problem, the team has to be equipped with a high-quality audio system that can withstand harsh environment and possible damages.
<h3><strong>Pentagon Headsets<img class=”size-full wp-image-138 alignright” src=”” alt=”Earpiece” width=”500″ height=”500″ /> </strong></h3>
Pentagon Products is a headset manufacturer based in the United Kingdom that offers superior <a href=””>quality audio systems for professional use</a>. The company collaborates with well-known audio companies such as Kenwood, Motorolla, and ICOM to produce headsets for communication radios and covert telecommunication devices. Pentagon’s headsets are made with superb components that always go through several tests to bring the clearest sound possible. Police task forces and emergency medics in the United Kingdom even have chosen to use Pentagon’s audio system in their duties already. Given that fact, customers can rely on Pentagon Headset’s quality.
<h3><strong>Products and how to buy</strong></h3>
Pentagon Products offers multiple types of headsets for communication radio devices and mobile phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, <a href=””>Kenwood and Motorola earpiece</a>. Apart from audio devices, accessories like clips and batteries are sold as well. In order to buy products from Pentagon Headsets, customers have to create an account. After taking everything to the cart, customers can execute the purchase using the checkout menu and choose the payment method. All orders will be shipped within 24 hours and they are free from delivery fee for buyers in the United Kingdom. Pentagon Products’ office is closed after 3 p.m. local time and every weekend.


January 14, 2016