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Digi Logic UK | Personalised Family Tree Art
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Personalised Family Tree Art

About This Project

When talking about artwork, it could be anything as long someone sees it beautiful. Like most of the artworks that you could display in your room, you would also want it to hold a deep meaning to you. Artworks that are dedicated to the loved ones are one of the favorite things to get a lot of people, especially if the artwork is dedicated to your family members.

In the modern days, customized artworks are very popular. Not only that it would match the taste of the customer, it would also have a special meaning to them as the artwork is personally dedicated to the interest and love of the customer.


Family Tree in a Frame

Having a framed family tree that consists of family members’ photos is the classic way of making a home decoration. family tree and red birdNowadays, people love the designs that are more simple and minimalistic. Thus, typography is now the favorite. There are a lot of artworks that consists poetry, a line of favorite books, biblical verses, or even just words or names that are meaningful.

Framed family tree is no different with that kind of artworks, it is also an artwork that you could hang in your living room, your or your children room, and anywhere in your house. The typography framed family tree is an art that was made by a fine artist, it is made of paper cut that is shaped to the names of your family members and surrounded by neatly cut tree design. This paper cut would be attached to a glass material and framed with the size of what you desire. Another fun part is that every single material used to make this decoration is customizable. You could choose the design and of the paper cut, as well as for the frame.


19 January