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Digi Logic UK | The Benefits of Live in Care Service
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The Benefits of Live in Care Service

About This Project

Live in care is a kind of service – usually provided for the elderly – to help them deal with daily household chores. The basic principle is almost the same as care house – where they provide service and assistance for the elderly – although the implementation is different. It is important to choose the right and qualified carer for you or for your relative, so you know you won’t be spending money for anything.

The Function of a Professional Carer

Basically, a professional carer should have different skills that may cover first aid qualification and nursing skills. Depending on the needs, you can also choose a carer that acts like a personal assistant, offering help around the household chores. Basically, a professional carer will help around the tasks of:

· Cleaning and cooking

· Personal care, such as using the toilet, washing, and other personal stuff

· Driving around or helping around

· Medical tasks, such as changing the catheter or giving daily injections

· Paying bills, shopping, or banking


24 hour care at home

The Basic Arrangements

In case you are in dire needs of a professional home care, you can get the arrangements based on your needs:

· You find a carer through an agency, where the carer works for that agency. You pay the agency so you don’t have the direct responsibility as an employer for the carer

· You have a carer that is provided to you by the local trust. This happens when everything is arranged and managed for you

· You directly find and employ a carer. If you choose this one, you will have a direct and legal responsibility as an employer, but you also have more power, option, and control about the person and the tasks

People prefer having this personal live in care service because it is more flexible and it gives them a sense of freedom. After the cost for the service is just the same like a nursing home. For more details go to

24 hour a week


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