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Digi Logic UK | The Importance of Presidential Race
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The Importance of Presidential Race

About This Project

Why New Citizens Should Vote

So the time to select the next leader for our big nations has come. People once again have to choose between the democrats and republicans. The old folks all know the drills, and the college students have started to take more part in polls. But what about the new citizens of the U.S? With all the campaigns and news about each candidate, the new people of U.S. might feel lost and ignore all the matters as the result. But with a citizenship comes the right to vote in an American election. If you just got your U.S. citizenship, here are why you should vote in the current presidential race: election

It’s an open opportunity to exercise one of the privileges, living in a democratic nation.

Why’d you come to America and choose to be a U.S. citizen again? Yes, one reason must be that you wanted to live in a democratic nation. You may have experienced how it felt to live in a place where your voice wasn’t heard and your opinion didn’t matter. This voting is a great exercise to use your privileges as an American now. That is why you shouldn’t take this voting opportunity lightly.

It’s one responsibility of the naturalized citizens.

Besides it being your privilege, voting in the presidential race is also your responsibility as a U.S. citizen. Do you remember that naturalization oath that new citizens swear to support the Constitution of the United States? Well, voting is an essential part of that Constitution. So, would you live up your words?

It’s a pride in your newvote homeland.

Elections are held at a local, state and national level, and they are all important. Taking part in choosing a leader of your now homeland should be a pride. You help determine the future of U.S. leadership, and you should be proud of it.


January 15, 2016